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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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national mall. we're live in mt. pleasant. people are trying to stay cool just like everybody else. hey, richard. >> reporter: just like everyone else. the heat day after day, the people are trying to come up with any way they can to stay school. while a lot of these children are wearing swimsuits, believe it or not, some people are actually wearing winter gear today. long sleeves and gloves in the middle of a heat wave? but the warm wear is perfect for these figure skaters at arlington's kettler iceplex. it's cut in half from the stifling heat. >> kind of like two different universes. the hot on out there, aung then it's super cold in here.
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but biking and running trails were not as busy. only a few brave and dedicated runners came prepared, and powered through the heat. >> we woke up, first thing wid is we need to get near the water asap. nora coleman and matthew ingram decided to beat the heat by getting in a kayak. they were looking for any relief. >> so hot, waiting for the bus to come down here. when we got to the water, we're look -- it's like 20 degrees cooler, threat's get in the water. >> reporter: yeah, getting in the water, that seems to be the solution a lot of people are turning to. now, while this out here looks like a lot of fung, doctors are advising everyone to be careful. make sure you drink a lot of water. if you're out in the sun, feeling nauseous or light-headed, you should get checked out.
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richard jordan, news4. right now in our region, there are still more than 27,000 people sweating out this heat. pepco is working to restore power to more than 15,000 customers. dominion, virginia has about 5100 outages. bge is down to 6,300 people down in the dark. coming up around 5:30, we'll be stalk i stalking live to pepco. >> there's a developing story where a 12-year-old boy has been arrested and charged with murdering a 2-year-old. this hammond on tuesday in ft. washington, maryland. notify's derrick ward is at police headquarters with the story. derrick? >> reporter: the victims in this case was placed in the foster care system, apparently by the
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courts, and apparently to keep her safe, but tragically that's not how it turned out. it was tuesday at 5:00 p.m., an adult who lives at this home on taylor street in ft. washington comes home and finds his 2-year-old foster daughter unconscious. >> with the help of a 911 dispatcher, the father performed cpr, but the child was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> reporter: 2-year-old anay bachelor had obvious signs of trauma. >> an autopsy confirmed that the child died of blunt force trauma. >> reporter: police then began to focus on the foster family, including the 15-year-old at home at the time of the apparent beating along with the 12-year-old. the parents were all interviewed. >> through the course of the investigation, detectives learned a 12-year-old had beaten the child repeatedly. detectives developed probable cause to charge the boy, based on interviews conducted with the family. >> reporter: the youth now facing second-degree murder charges is being held at the shelton hamm youth facility.
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he is not being named or charged as an adult. >> at this time, detectives are tahjing with the descend's office as the status. he's being charged as a juvenile. that could change. >> reporter: the department of human resources says in a statement that all of the procedures followed are being checked very carefully to make sure that proper procedures were indeed followed. we're told there are other children in the home, a 4-year-old, 15-year-old as well as the 12-year-old was charged. those children are still at home. in prince georges county. we're following breaking news in downtown bethesda. a police station has been evacuated bass someone dropped off an old grenade there. those surrounding streets are shut down while fire efficient investigate. we'll keep you updated.
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george zimmerman will remain in jail for the time being. a florida judge said a new bond for $1 million for zimmerman, who is charged with second degree murder. zimmerman claims he shot in self defense. the judge said zimmerman and his wife had lied about the finances. >> the judge is obviously saying mr. zimmerman screwed up, put his credibility squarely in the cross hairs of this judge when his credibility was the main talking point in this case. >> zimmerman needs to come up with 10% of his bond to come ge of jail. today's city leaders unveiled a plan to installed a new meter system that allows
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credit card payments. that's just the beginning. tom sherwood has more on the proposed changes and how soon before we could see them. >> jim, there are several big changes, and they will start showing up in just a few months. 6,a 00 licensed cabs in the district. some take credit carts, some don't. some know where they're going, some don't. even with the meter system, it's not alls clear what the fare is. that's about to change. >> this is a very major portion of the mayor's program for modernizing our taxi fleet here in the district of columbia. mayor gray announced thursday. the city will entered a five-year contract with a company called verifone. by the end of the year, they will installed in every cab, a new meter, emergency button, credit card device and monitor screen for passengers to pay fares, see public service
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announcement and see brief advertising and programming to help pay for the system. nbc has a national contract with verifone to provide content and -- many drivers and passengers want the credit card option. >> we need that. i got robbed last time, because we always carry cash, so we need like everybody, we want a credit card system. >> reporter: passengers will fay a 50 cent surcharge per trip to take advantages of the millions of out of town visitors. >> which actually will relieve the taxpayers completely of paying for the commission. >> reporter: for the first time the new equipment will let them gather gps data on whether cabs are ignoring parts of the city. >> we have no empirical data of where they are and how they're moving. >> reporter: cab drivers this week protested the new gps
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tracking systems, but the council appears ready to approve it tuesday. jim? >> thank you, tom. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, police officers smashing surveillance cameras and step on a store workers. we'll tell you what started this raid in the first place. another disturbing story in prince georges county, the search for a person
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well, pepco is talking about its progress in restoring power, some customers are still sweating it out, six days after the big storm. critics complain when they call pepco, they're getting confusing information about when their power might be restoredchris gom montgomery county. >> reporter: it is the summer of our discontent. cars crushed, trees and power lines down at thornapple street and beechwood. residents here are waiting for power, but their patience has been worn -- >> i'm getting robo-calls saying that the power is back on, you leave the hotel and you go back and there's no poor. you go back to the fantastic web app to hit there's no power on, and you let them know.
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they keep making the robo-calls. you just wonder how anything is getting done. >> reporter: something is finally getting done on nevis road on bethese dalles where trucks and crews from florida power & light are helping pepco with the power outages. >> the whole street was without power on this side. on this side everybody had power on sunday night, so we've been looking forward to somebody coming out. >> reporter: throughout the area you see debris everybody where. month gop write county trucks will check limbs up to 4 feet long and 4 inches in diameter, and up to 45-pound bundles on the curbside for the next few weeks. bigger debris should be brought to the facility and transfer station at route 355 and shady grove road, at no charge.
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we have more information about pickup and dumping debris throughout the suburbs and maryland and northern virginia on our website at reporting from montgomery county, chris gordon, news4. i would have to say that's a lot more than 45 pounds. that will take weeks and week. >> indeed. the weather is not helping the utility crews who are working hard. >> no, it's not helping we had storms down last night, too. i think we could have another round of strong to severe storms coming through a bit later on this evening into the overnight hours. once again, a few storms could be quite strong. we also had another storm develop last night, with winds upwards of 68 miles an hour, and moved right across the river, where we saw 1-inch hail in that area. that was overnight. you probably got woken up by that.
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99 degrees is the current temperature out there. close to 100. we really need a break from this heat. that ties a record. if we go above 95 tomorrow, that would set an all-time new record for temperatures. that will be ten days of 95 degrees or more. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour. that wind not helping a whole lot to cool us down. lookic at frederick, 100 degrees there, 102 in charlottesville, 95 in winchester, 94 in annapolis, 97 degrees toward e humidity has been on the low side the l.a. couple days. that's been a saving grace. if this is like it was last
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week, with the heat index close to 110, right now -- it could get up there as we make our way into tomorrow, especially into saturday. storm4 radar right now, take a look at they storms. i wouldn't be surprised to see numerous trees down in the southwestern portions of virginia, also into portions of kentucky, tennessee as well as western portions of north carolina. then we look over here. this little system right here, and this is a little boundary that will try to make its way into our region. i'll show you what i'm talking about. one thing you notice, a few storms lining up on this boundary, and they're moving our way. we are going to see these move through here, probably later on this evening. in about three hours, they'll be into portions of frederick and montgomery county. it's 5:15, looking at about three hours from now, around
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8:15, 9:00, we're going to watch these very carefully. once again, because of the heat and the instability in the atmosphere, these storms can only grow stronger. with that we could see large hail, also see some very strong winds, and talk more about that. trust me, we'll be here with you. we'll be here for you, also follow me on facebook and twitter if we are not on division at that time. 105 in st. louis, 101 in memphis, 103 in wichita and 100 in raleigh. this heat is here and it is here to stayed, at least for the next three to four days. this evening, increasing clouds, but still hot. 88 to about 93 degrees. this is about your 8:00 temperature, as those storms are moving in to the north. mostly clear, warm and muggy. temperatures to about 75 to about 81 degrees. it will be much like it was this morning, and you're going to
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field that humidity. tomorrow afternoon sunny and hot, a heat index near 105 with an actual temperature, between 96 and 102. tomorrow we don't see the same change -- if you're thinking about getting release, this is where you want to go. even though we're into the 90s, it's not going to be 100 or 102. there may be a sea breeze, that would be some welcome news look at saturday. saturday i have us breaking the old record of 102. i then we'll get to 103 possibly on saturday. 99 on sunday, rather 87 on monday, that with a good chance for some rain. we could keep that chance of rain, and keep cooler temperatures all next week. so the pattern is going to be changing, the pattern will be shifting action and it will shift in our favor. we just have to get through
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friday, saturday and sunday. >> if we could just hang on for a few more days. >> hold on as tight as you can. >> feel bad for those people without power. >> it's been almost a week. >> more on that coming up. still to come, why gaithersburg is celebrating the fourth of july on friday the 13th. >> a virginia man says a club turned away his family because he's gay. how people in d.c. will be able follow the pavina's every move. >> one local kayaker is going for the gold this summer in london.
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-- has taken caroline queen around the world in her kayak. as dan heller reports, from summer camp to the summer games her journey began with a paddle down the potomac.
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>> it started some summer camp at 9 years old. they have the lake raye, you do the fastest lap around the lake. i won the lake race as a 9-year-old. i thought, okay, that's cool. thenty joined the slalom team after being invited to train. that came pretty colloid to the 2004 olympics. i think that's what inspired me, that i could take this a long ways and have fun with it. ♪ >> reporter: part of that fun, earning a nickname. bam-bam. >> i think i gave her the nickname. it happened at wausau. in one particular run, she came out of the starting blocks, and proceeded to hit about the first four or five gates, and so after that, i said, you know, run clean, no bam-bam. and that sort of stuck. >> there were a lot of sort of moving on the water that i was willing to try as a small
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paddler that didn't end up so graceful all the time, so i would be hitting stuff, lie hitting the paddle, the boat, occasionally myself. >> she's rugged, very strong, and, you know, she brings both a mental and full toughness to the way she competes. >> reporter: it also speaks to her perseverance. in 2008 she was the youngest must be of the u.s. senior national team, yet just missed qualifies for the olympics. her resolved to return bolstered by mom and dad. >> every couple months when i hit the borderline of burnout, they were like, you can quit if you want, but we're guessing you probably don't want to. >> we've always said that we're going to love her regardless of the outcome. i think that provides some emotional stability for her, but it's also, you know, simply the truth. there's something mystical about
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the olympics. there are so many talented athletes that apply themselves in so many sports, yet there's something about going to the olympics, being an olympian, that just pulls at everyone's heartstrings. >> i realize going into the beijing games that this area really is embraced local athletes, and the potomac river is a great resource for all different kinds of kayaking. it's great to see the community embrace us, and for that i would have to say thank you. dan heller reporting. a medal the primary goal for bam-bam, but she says she would like ton an inspiration for others. qualifies heats july 30th. her favorite quote is obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal. >> it's cool to watch. >> i would rather be in the water with her, actually.
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>> you've done it once? >> i've done it once and will never do it again. i slept for about 14 straight hours afterwards. >> i love that she started as a 9-year-old at summer camp. all those kids at summer camp, who knows what they learn. coming up next on news4 at 5:00, the honey-do list could be good for you, why men are actually happier when they're doing more housework. >> uh-oh. you have time to make a phone call to make sure nobody misses that story. the d.c. fire chief explains why firefights used a truck to fill up a private pool in the middle of the cleanup. darcy spencer live this alexandria. we have our cell phones and computers, but the power outages ♪
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o. extreme heat. temperatures at 99 degrees. we have hit 100 today, and today marx the eighth day in a row. we could get to 11 by sunday. other eight-day streaks, 1987, 20202. of those, they streak has hotter, believe it or not.
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we're watching some storms just to washington. they will move through our area in about the next three to four hours, and we will watch them for you right here. more than a million people lost power while crews have restored power to most, there are still some who feel disconnected. darcy spencer is live in alexandria with how they're getting by now. >> reporter: we have other cell phones, we have television, and it's beyond just a convenience nowadays. a lot of people use their computers to pay their bills, for example, so they're reeling from the fact that they don't have these services. take a look at this tractor trailer behind me. verizon brought this in. inside there are 12 stations where you can access cell phones, make international calls and use the internet, and it's all for free.
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>> no power. >> reporter: gregg smith is a freelance film maker and producer who works from home. at least he did until last friday night's storm put him temporarily out of business. >> there were actually two clients i had to refer. i said, look, i would love to, clients i have worked with before. >> reporter: but the pepco feeder in any neighborhood is down, and there's a split treefr. no power means no computers, no editing, no internet. projects are on hold. >> in the studio, this is a console where we can mix music or film. obviously, you know, no electricity, so we're screwed there. >> reporter: the main problem boils down to downed lines. cable and internet providers have said they can't reer pair the lines until the power companies get electricity flowing again. >> we're at the mercy of the power company. if pepco can get it back up, we're back in business. >> for some, the loss of power,
5:31 pm
internet and tv service is more than just an inconvenience. it means being disconnected, relying on a cell phone for information and updates. >> you're missing out on the news, you're missing out on air conditioning, the refrigerator which keeps your food cool. the oven, the microwave. it all really does a toll on you. >> reporter: cell phone service has been impacted as well. news4 spoke to two sprint customers in spring who have had spotty service. they say they were told it's back the storm damaged cell phone towers. >> i thought it was just my phone, but when i went in, they told me they had three towers down and unfortunately everyone is suffering. >> i haven't been in touch with sprint users. mainly i can't make phone calls. >> reporter: comcast is the parent company of nbc universal which owns nbc 4.
5:32 pm
both companies say there's widespread damage and they are working to restore service. there's no exact time frame. in the meantime verizon is here, they brought this truck in from the colorado wildfires. again there are multiple stations inside here. you can come in and use these services for free. they'll be here until 6:00 this evening, and again until 6:00 tomorrow evening. reporting live from alexandria, darcy spencer, news4. >>. >> thanks, dar,. so many layer to this damage. there's been a slight increase with nearly 30,000 outages now. pepco has more than 15,000 customers still without power. dominion has about 8,700 in northern virginia, and bge is working to restore power to nearly 6,000 in the d.c. region. we have marcus beal from
5:33 pm
pepco on the phone with us. most people who have their power back. we heard a guy talking about the robo-call from pepo. i've heard that experience from other people. you had that i'm experience. why can't pepco get the communications problems worked out? >> we do experience additional outages as we restore the last few customers. we encourage people to be patient, and free call to call our number, use the moan app or use our website. >> here's something i'm having trouble understanding, the other power companies in our area are not asking people to call back. i've heard you guys being interviewed saying ball three three, four times a day. why is that necessary?
5:34 pm
>> we're in that final phase of restoration at this point. when you're restoring smaller groups of people, we want to make sure that individual home that may have damage specifically to their house gets captured. you don't want to restore, say, 25 people and have one house that basically is still remaining out. if you've noticed that your neighbors have been restored and your house literally is the only one that, you know has not had power restored, give us a call back. >> you all gave a seven-day time frame, is that realistic? is heat making it tougher? >> we're still using tomorrow as our timeline to really have just about everything complete. there may be a few individual homes, individual businesses that may cream into the weekend,
5:35 pm
but we're doing everything we can to get the last few restored. speaking of the heat, how long is it going to be before we start scaling back on usage? is that something people need to be keeping in mind already now? we want to quickly and -- >> marcus beal, thanks for trying to she had some light. and all for the latest efforts, you can visit nbc -- -- the d.c. fire department is trying to find out why a truck was used to fill up a pool. a truck from engine 30, made two trips to fill up the pool. after an inquiry from news4,
5:36 pm
d.c. fire chief kenneth ellerbe had this to say -- there was a breakdown in our internal communications regarding the request by a district resident to provide a service that we do not offer. this would be appropriately addressed and should not be held as a mark aga the hard work and dedication of all our firefighters the past weekend. police are -- the first happened last night here when one mash opened fire. four people were shot. 35 years old julius barnett died and another man was injured. they're also also the public for help. >> at this point in time we're reaching out if anybody ahead
5:37 pm
anything -- >> police say they have no reason to believe the two shootings were connected in any way. still no work on the identity -- this happened yesterday outside the urban barbecue on olney sand spring road. police say when the man didn't follow commands, two officers opened fire. the man was taken to the hospital. police haven't released the identities the of officers involved. both are on administrative leave. a virginia man is filing suit against a fitness club for discrimination, claiming it told him his family isn't really a family. now that club is changing its policies. williams trenchle bought a membership for himself, his partner and their 2-year-old son. he says they were turned away from the pool and club, officials told them it was because same-sex couples don't meet virginia's legal definition
5:38 pm
of a family. >> it was like a punch in the symptomation. today the club posted it would begin offering family memberships. it. now to the presidential race. in ohio today, he took credit for saving 1 million jobs in the auto industry. mitt romney took the day off and went boating. he sent tim pawlenty and blobby jindal to ohio to counter the president's message. >> half our graduates will be unemployed our underemployed thanks to these policies. >> governor romney said just let them go bankrupt. i refused to turn my back on
5:39 pm
communities like this one. three years later the industry is coming roaring back. >> jindal and pawlenty are believed to be under consideration as possible running mates for mitt romney. a fourth of july celebration ends in tragedy. the descend that left three children dead. plus new details about katy holmes, who helped orchestrate her split from crews. and how panda fans in
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glue tyshawn's facts -- starting next month he'll have a live web cam. on tuesday, fans will be able to watch his birthday party. for each person who likes or shares the live stream, $1 will be -- he was born here at national zoo, moved to china back in 2010. for a link to his web cam -- he has his own web cam, how cool is that -- visit and an international following. what a guy. the fourth of july will be on friday the 13th. the city leaders have rescheduled the fireworks show that was postponed because of the storm cleanup. >> it's going to be a lucky day. this new show will be at the montgomery county fairgrounds
5:43 pm
featuring like music, food, doors opening at 5:30. the fireworks display starts at -- there were some really good ones last night. the heat is on. >> definitely on. we hit 100 today officially. we need some thunderstorms to come in, but some may come and be quite strong. how much longer the heat lasts. also, please raid a shop that sells marijuana. and why more babies are being forced to start drug rehab as soon as they're born. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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police in long beach are going criticized for how they handled a drug raid last month. surveillance video shows officers stepping on a suspect and smashing cameras during the raid on a marijuana dispensary. five people were arrested. an attorney for the feels the officers went too far. >> those kinds of charges and $100 bail do not want officers coming in with a battering ram and weapons drawn. >> we got beat up and arrested for a citation that's equivalent to somebody jaywalking. >> police saw the video for the first time earlier this week.
5:47 pm
the marijuana dispensary complied with state law, but it did not have a city permit to operate. there's a $2500 reward tonight for information in the case of animal cruelty. somebody said a dog on fire and left it on the side of the road in prince georges county. authorities found the little dog in washington last month. today officers canvassed the area trying to get information about the crime. >> we did find a male, looked to be a mixed chihuahua totally burnt to a crisp, which really upset the staff, as you can imagine. we are very concerned someone would take and do a callous act like this on an animal. implgts police say it had duct tape on part of its ear and say it did not have a microchip. a year ago casey anthony was acquitted. anthony has been out on probation for lying to
5:48 pm
investigators since last summer. in a newly released book out now, her lawyer reveals that prosecutors offered anthony a plea deal back in '08. under that deal, she would plead guilty to manslaughter and serve 13 years in prison. anthony's lawyer says he advised her to take the plea deal, but she refused. health experience are growing increasingly concerned about a dramatic rise in the number of babies born to drug-addicted mothers. it's an emerging trend. the women abuse painkillers while being pregnant. kate snow reports. >> reporter: this 3-week-old isn't tired or hungry. she's in pain, because her body craves a drug. her mother was addicted to prescription painkillers. now this tiny baby is going through withdrawal. so what can you do to make her feel better?
5:49 pm
>> heads goods a pacifier, bundle and -- and morphine. >> reporter: morphine -- they treat the withdrawal by giving her morphine, because it's a lot like the drug her mother -- it calms her down. >> she's still addicted to a drug right now, addicted to morphine at the moment. and she's 3 1/2 weeks old. in hospitals across america, there's an epidemic of babies born addicted to prescription painkillers, and it's only getting worse. would you call this a health care crisis? >> the an is heck yes. >> when a pregnant woman is -- >> the baby gets high like she does. >> caitlin yost is in treatment, but she was still abused prescription painkillers. we met her just weeks after giving birth. >> i didn't mean to get pregnant, obviously. i was a drug addict. i didn't want to get pregnant
5:50 pm
and possibly hurt my baby. but she did hurt her baby. she was born addicted to opiates, gig through withdrawal while we were there. >> i know it's all my fault, you know. i'm the one that did that to her. it really hurts. >> kate snow has more on this on "rock center" tonight at 10:00. if you like the heat, you're in luck. we have a lot more coming today. >> i think so. i think on saturday, that's the day we'll feel this heat. if you're not feeling it out there right now, today we hit 100 degrees. 100 officially at the airport. saturday we're going 103, and then back down into the 90s on sunday. each day is also going to get more humid. saturday we could see between 105 and 110 as far as that heat index is concerned, so really concerned about the next couple
5:51 pm
days. you want to make sure you stay inside as many as you can. make sure you stay indoors. the pets are not able to regulate their botty temperatures like we are, so bring them indoors. notice this. this is a line of storms and is moving our way. that line is expected to make its way down here. right now, none of those storms are severe, but we'll continue to watch it closely. if there's any updates, we've give them to you right here. the closest storms are toward the harrisburg area, and back toward the west. morning lows tomorrow, we were at 80 early this morning. that's not a low temperature. that's eight degrees shy of our
5:52 pm
average high. tomorrow will be around 81. 78 in gaithersburg. 73 in manassas, 70 in fredericksburg. here's the highs tomorrow afternoon. winchester, leesburg it will be an incredibly hot day, once again the ninth day in a row. so drink more water, take breaks in the shade. do not leave kids in the car or obviously pets in the car, even if the windows are down. avoid fueling your car, mowing your lawn, suntanning, but we also have a code orange as far as the air quality is concerned. air quality forecast not that good. let's go down to the bay bridge. 99 on saturday. but at least that wart is
5:53 pm
sitting around 80 degrees. always nice this time of year. this is the kind of heat you need to take seriously. thousands showed up for a fireworks extravaganza, but didn't get what they were expecting? >> no, they didn't. new details on how katie holmes prepared to file for divorce. here's the stories that are trending today. yeah, that was it. they claimed a technical problem caused all of the fireworks to explode all at once. people waited for hours for a display that was over in about 15 seconds the no one was hurt, thankfully, but an vase is under way to figure out what went wrong. "people" reports that katy holmes had been secretly plotting to split from tom cruise. she reportedly told him she moved to the new apartment in new york, because she was seeking privacy, but she moved
5:54 pm
to start her new life. holmes reportedly had help from her parents, especially her dad who's ahigh-powered, according to "people" he fired the security, and swapped out crill phones. holmes' attorney denies the reports. a new report says men are happier and less stressed when they do more housework. should i repeat that? there wasn't enoh data to totally explain, but scientists believe that if they leave the chores to women, they may endure more complaints. >> are you going to take this stud,home and share it? >> i'll probably put it on twitter or something. much more ahead. much more ahead. the fourth of july tragedy that
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tragedy struck a group of boaters. the man operating the boat says a wave came out of nowhere and flipped their yacht. 24 people were rescued, most by other boaters around them, but three children couldn't be saved. jonathan viglioti reports.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: emergency lights illimb night the sky, as rescue crews look for the three children. >> all three vinds were found in the cabinet. >> reporter: they have been identified, and were all related, all related from suffolk county, part of a group of 27 family and friends celebrating the fourth. a massive weak from another boat caused the vessel to flip over three miles off the coast of oyster bay. >> we received a call for a boat sinking and capsizing with people in the water attempting to swim to shore. >> reporter: they rescued the 24 survivors, family of the three children looked on as the coast guard, fire department and police used scuba divers to search the submerged cabin.
5:59 pm
>> you can imagine, the boat is shifting. they're trying to keep their wits about them to recover the victims and get out safely. in the end the worst fears are confirmed. police say the two operators were not under the influence of alcohol, though it's unclear if the sunken yacht was overcrowded. one of the other boaters in that area quickly turned on his spotlight, threw and i have his life jackets into the wore. he alone rescued 20 people from the sinking yacht. for you at 6:00, thousands still enduring dangerous heat without power. not everybody has their power back on. patience is wearing thing. >> it's because it's awfully hot out there. good evening. jim vance 689 and i'm


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